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Poetry - October 12

I will laugh with anyone about the future.

But the rock was there and so was the fire. Do we invent a thing?

I am stealing your words out of your mouth. I am taking a small part of your individuality and applying it like clear plastic to me.

Are we scavengers?

I ate nothing but peanut butter sandwiches this month.

I am in love with the veins in your throat.

The wheel was formed. It wasn’t made.

I rush away from rushing away from you. I am getting back into getting back into you.

I don’t use the word love cause, screw it.

Let’s talk about negative impressions all night.

We built better caves with time. We ate more waxy fruits with time.
We fuck awkward and desolate still.

I clean the meat straight off the bone.

Your eyes always gave me trouble
Always willing to backfire.

Drop me off at the next crossroad as a joke.
Wear me like a skin suit I let you I let you.

Drag her by the hair with purpose
And cut her flowers from the supermall flower beds.

There are neon signs in the desert. You can
See them for miles and it feels like we failed one another.

Your mother hates me cause of my internet

I hope we all come around
And pick a time to start this new life.

I don’t have the guts to shoot an animal between
The eyes but I will bless it on our dining room table.

Does the mind spit out new limbs of itself

Obsessed with offsprings and seeing its little offsprings
Look like itself?

I keep thinking angels aren’t good things.
I keep thinking we switched roles.

How can we see evolution without evolution?

When I read the scribbles on your walls
I feel like my body is fashionable.

Like you cut me out of me.

Obsessions are just objects of desires
Projecting backwards. Take my voice
Take my identity. Take my information.
But let me keep my secrets.

We harnessed the powers of the sky.
We harvested the afterthoughts of god.
Stuck inside parking lots in the endless rain
Tearing a four dollar blouse with
My hairy yellow hands.
Out of fuel out of fuel out of fuel
As welcoming as a river

It means we are inconsolably happy and spirited and elated and pale red.
So that means we are on E.

Don’t bring your heart around
It refuses to combust you holy monster
Don’t bring it
I’m only flesh and blood.endcap

Frederic Levesque is originally from Montreal, Canada but now lives in Atlanta, Georgie, god-knows-not-why. He’s been published in Stillpoint, Spork Press, Mandala Journal, The Stray Dog Almanac, Muse/A, Nately's and Deer Bear Wolf.

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