This Too

Poetry - October 21

As the light pools yellow and blue
on the carpet,
A million bodies awake to car chases
And unrest.

In mirrors they pull at the
Black under their eyes
And squeeze cups full of coffee
Asking forgiveness or for lies.

They scrub their faces clean and
Set themselves
Against the lives they’ve never lived.

They whisper god bless you
To the drive time commute and
Shuffle to find a love song
Which fits their mood.

A hundred thousand
Armored cars slither down wet roads
And break thought-bubbles about
Childhood heroes.

Somewhere in all this
The bright, cool
creation of presence still persists.

Somewhere in there
There is happiness so clean
It breaks the bones of
the system we believe in.

I just thought you should know.endcap

Frederic Levesque is originally from Montreal, Canada but now lives in Atlanta, Georgie, god-knows-not-why. He’s been published in Stillpoint, Spork Press, Mandala Journal, The Stray Dog Almanac, Muse/A, Nately's and Deer Bear Wolf.

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